Board of Selectmen 07/31/17

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Meeting Minutes 00:01:08

Approved Non-Public Sessions: 5/22, 7/10 (pts 1 &2), 7/13 Approved Public Sessions: 7/10, 7/13, 7/24

Chairman Comments 00:02:57

Good luck to outgoing Town Manager Leon Goodwin. He accepted a job with the State

NH Retirement System Employer Outreach 00:03:06

2016 Town Audit- Salem NH in good shape 00:29:15

Plodzik & Sanderson - Town Auditors for past 3 years Town of Salem, NH is in good shape

NH Senate Bill 38 - Infrastucture Grant Award 00:38:20

Town of Salem receives check for $552,996 from State of NH for roads and bridges

Community Development Update 00:41:46

Former Wastewater Treatment Plant and marketing it- EDAC Also rail trail event on Aug 13, 2017 Also John Vogl new GIS Manager starts Jul 2017

Town Manager Comments 01:08:42

Leon Goodwin says Good-bye and brings on Chris Dillon as Interim Town Manager

Municipal Services Update 01:12:14

Municipal Services Director Roy Sorenson gives a quick update on Haverhill Road and Route 28 and the concrete removal

Adjourn 01:18:48

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