Conservation Commission 08/02/17

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Duane Hyde- Town Forest Conservation Easement 00:01:48

Nobrega - 131 A Shore Dr - Approved 00:35:08

Nobrega Replace dock at 131A Shore Dr- Approved

Campagnone - 410 N Main St- Approved 00:40:24

Campagnone - 410 N Main St Replace retaining wall and deck - Approved

Minutes from 7/5/17 meeting - Approved 00:48:04

Conservation Fund Report 00:49:20

Town Forest - Conservation Easement 00:51:54

Town Forest - Intern from UNH did some town forest mapping, along with coordinates and pictures

Conservation Commission Goals- Easement Monitoring 00:55:02

Review of Correspondence 01:07:09

Review of Correspondence - Possible solar locations

Other- Uncapped wells in town forest 01:15:04

Adjourn 01:16:29

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