Zoning Board of Adjustment 01/02/18

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1. December 4, 2017 – Regular Meeting

87 SHADOW LAKE ROAD 00:03:09

PUBLIC HEARINGS Petition #01-2018-00001 Map 37, Lot 4623 87 SHADOW LAKE ROAD Robert L. Allen, Jr. hereby requests an Equitable Waiver of Dimensional Requirements from Article VIII, Section 490-804, to allow existing deck to remain within 8.9 ft. of the high water mark, where a 50 ft. minimum setback is required in the Recreational District. Passed 5-0 with 2 conditions. http://www.townofsalemnh.org/sites/salemnh/files/u121/allen_-_87_shadow_lake_road.pdf

New Chapter 00:16:15

Petition #02-2018-00002 Map 59, Lots 7040 & 7044 4 & 6 GALWAY LANE______ Keith and Lynn Belair hereby request a VARIANCE from Article III, Section 490-302C (1), and ask that said terms of the Zoning Ordinance be waived to permit a lot line adjustment which revises lot frontage to 116 ft. for Lot 7044 and revises lot size to 2.25 acres for Lot 7040, where 165 ft. frontage and 4 acre minimum lot size is required for duplex lots in the Rural District. Passed 5-0. http://www.townofsalemnh.org/sites/salemnh/files/u121/belair_-_4_6_galway_lane.pdf

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