Board of Selectmen 12/10/18

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Minutes Approved 00:01:00

Chairman Comments 00:04:18

Intro SPD Administrator Brian Patullo 00:05:03

John Sytek Investment Policy 00:08:22

PILOT Housing Authority 00:10:08

APPA donation $2450 00:12:23

Accept Donation of $2,450 from the Arlington Pond Protective Association (APPA) Towards the Cleaning of the Trash Racks at Wheeler Dam

$70 to SFD from residents 00:15:05

Accept Donations Totaling $70.00 to Fire Department from Residents

Lowes Donation Vanity to SFD 00:17:06

Accept Donation of 3-Sink Bathroom Vanity Combination, Counter Top, Fixtures and Installation from Salem Lowe’s for Fire Station 1 Value at $3,200

Approve 2019 Default Budget-$47,293,503 00:19:40

Regional Water Line Discussion 00:20:10

Review/Approve Proposed 2019 Warrant Articles 00:25:06

Culvert Repair Hooker Farm Rd 00:57:46

Municipal Services – Authorize Use of an Amount Not to Exceed $25,000 in Roadway Capital Reserve Funds for Emergency Culvert Repair on Hooker Farm Road.

Update on Main Street Drainage/Sewer Issue 01:05:38

Update on South Broadway Infrastructure Project 01:13:08

Town Manager’s Report/Questions from BOS 01:21:27

Adjourn 01:24:47

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