Board of Selectmen 01/07/19

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Meeting Minutes 00:01:24

Police Department - Accept Donations 00:08:16

Police Department - Accept Donations Totaling $520 to Police K9 Unit

Municipal Services – Discussion Regional Water 00:10:32

Municipal Services – Discussion on Recommendation from Southern NH Regional Water Line Ad Hoc Committee

Municipal Services Roadway Capital 00:26:23

Municipal Services – Authorize Use of $260,000 in Roadway Capital Reserve Funds for Engineering of Main Street Culvert Repair

Review/Approve 2019 Warrant Articles 00:32:15

Municipal Services - South Broadway Infrastructure 01:02:50

Municipal Services - Update on South Broadway Infrastructure Project

Discussion on Town Manager Evaluation Form 01:08:43

Town Manager’s Report/Questions from Board 01:10:41

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